Racket Restringing

Postal Service

We now offer a postal service for racket restringing. There is a charge of £6 for a single racket in addition to the standard stringing prices listed below for courier delivery anywhere in the UK. Please email andy@advancesquash.co.uk or call 07919 026 344 for more details.

Squash Racket

ASC offer a racket stringing service for all racket sports — squash, racketball, tennis & badminton.

Many people do not realise the importance of adding quality strings to their racket. People spend a lot of money buying a new racket only to find that the manufacturers normally put cheap monofilament strings in it. (Harrow string their better rackets with Ashaway strings). They will use the racket for a number of months and get used to the cheaper strings. When the strings finally break and they have a quality re-string, many times the comments will be:

Wow, I didn’t realise the strings make such a difference. I have so much more control of the ball!

Remember — the ball makes contact with the strings not the frame (normally)!

Squash String Tension

Racket strings and tension give a compromise between power, spin (control) & durability. The tension in the strings is a personal preference and you need find what tension is suited to your game. Squash rackets tend to be restrung between 25lbs and 30lbs.

  • More Power — Less tension (25lbs)
  • More Spin — Higher tension (30lbs)
  • Both power & Spin — 28lbs

How often should I have my racket restrung?

Racket string manufacturers recommend that you restring your racket the same number of times in a year that you play each week. (i.e. if you play 3 times a week, restring your racket 3 times a year). Racket strings lose their tension and elasticity after playing for a while so it is important to have a racket restrung.

Restringing Prices

Below are prices for some popular strings. However, we can restring your racket with other strings; please contact us for more information.

Squash Racket Restringing Prices

Manufacturer String Colour Cost
Technifibre X–One Biophase Red £21
Technifibre 305 Green £19
Technifibre Multifeel Natural £16
Technifibre Synthetic Gut 1.25mm Gold £12
Ashaway UltraNick 17 1.25mm Optic green £20
Ashaway UltraNick 18 1.15mm Blue £20
Ashaway PowerNick Ice Blue or Red £18
Ashaway SuperNick XL White/Red/Blue £17
Ashaway SuperNick CL Micro 1.15mm Yellow/Red/Blue £17
Prince Rebel Indoor Yellow £17
Head Evolution Pro 1.30mm Orange £15
Head Intellistring 16 1.30mm Yellow/black £14
Toalson Synthetic 63 Natural £10

You can buy vouchers for squash racket restringing from our gift vouchers page.

Tennis Racket Restringing Prices

Manufacturer String Colour Cost
Toalson Asterix Black £15
Technifibre Pro Redcode Red £18
Technifibre NRG2 Natural £25
Prince Topspin White £18
Prince Synthetic Gut Gold or White £17
Head Rip Control Natural £18
Head Intellistring Yellow/Black Spiral £19
Pro’s Pro Black Out Black £14
Pro’s Pro Tournablend Hybrid Gold/White £16
Babalot Hurricane Tour Yellow £19
Babalot RPM Blast Black £21
Luxilon Big Banger Original 130 Natural £20
Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power 125 Silver £22

You can buy vouchers for tennis racket restringing from our gift vouchers page.

Badminton Racket Restringing Prices

Manufacturer String Colour Cost
Yonex Nanogy 95 0.69mm Yellow £15
Yonex BG80 0.68mm Yellow £15
Yonex BG65 0.70mm White £14
Yonex BG65Ti 0.70mm White £14
Ashaway Zymax 67 0.67mm White £15
Ashaway MicroLegend 0.73mm White £14

You can buy vouchers for badminton racket restringing from our gift vouchers page.