Video Analysis

Using the very latest cameras and sports video analysis software, ASC can analyse your technique, tactics and game to give you the leading edge against your competitors. Many of the world’s top sports men and women use this technology to improve their game.

The beauty about sports video analysis is that you can look very closely at your technique and make the adjustments that are not visible to the naked eye because of the speed of playing your game. Very often a sportsperson thinks they are using the correct technique but in reality there is room for improvement. The video analysis software will slow your movement down and you can see what you need to do to improve your shots and make your movement more efficient.

This can be used in a variety of ways: videoing your shot technique, recording your movement on the squash court while performing drills or recording a match and then improving your game through a match analysis technique.

ASC can help analyse other sports not just squash — the video analysis equipment is easily transportable and can be set up in any environment (weather dependent!). If you are interested in ASC helping you analyse your game, please contact us.